About Us

About National Group

We are most trusted brand since 1937, serving from last 80+ years.


National Group was established in 1937 by our founder Mr. G.S. Anand


During 1960, we introduced trading activity of plywood when it was first time manufactured in India.


Furtherin 1970, we also started dealing in laminated sheets, particle boards, fiber glass sheets.


In 1987 manufacturing of Plywood, Plush Door and Block Board were established.


During 1990 manufacturing activities expanded by introducing FRP Sheets (Fiber Glass Sheets), PRP Moulded Items.


Company was incorporated as Public Limited Company.


Further in 2002, we started manufacturing cum fabricating unit for various products such as: Water Filtration Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant (RO Plant), Sewage Treatment Plant, Anaerobic Septic Tanks, Bio Digesters, Packaged Sewage Treatment Plant, Pre-Insulated Pipes for HAA - (High Altitude Areas), Pre-Insulated Water Storage Tanks, High Head Engine Driven Fuel/ Water, Pumping Sets, Steel Permanent Defense Shelters, FRP Insulated Shelters, Containerized Shelters, Spider Type Dome Shelter (Portable & Detachable), Fuel (FOL) Storage Tanks, Collapsible Portable Water / Fuel Storage Tanks, FRP Underground / Overhead Water Storage Tanks, SMC Panel Water Storage Tanks, FRP-CLB Ablution Unit (WC + Shower + Washbasin), FRP-FFLAblution Unit (fWC - 3 Cubical), MS Fabricated FRP Low Cost Toilet, Pre Fabricated Puff Insulated Shelters.


In 2016, Pre Fabricated Steel Structure (PEB) using Light Guage Steel Structure Technology. We have establish LGSS at various locations in all over India.


In 2018, We have introducing Innovative Paver System (IPS Pavers) for Heli Pads, Heli Runways, Taxi-ways.